Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Reading List for Spring 2010

Here are the books I hope to read this Spring as we move from Lent to Easter. I always love to hear what my favorite bloggers are reading!

Christian Practice:

Mudhouse Sabbath. I am looking forward to another Lauren Winner book and hope this will encourage me to continue in the spiritual disciplines after Lent.

Acedia and Me. Since RJ is currently is in the midst of a book project on Acedia I thought this book, written on the popular level, might help me if he asks me to edit (haha!).

Angel of Repose. I read and was very moved by Stegner's Crossing to Safety (I referenced it here) so have been looking forward to reading another of his books. He is one of those author's I wonder how I could have missed for so long.

Family Life:
The Shaping of a Christian Family. I came across this book at our church book sale and couldn't resist. If you read the blog, you know how much I love Thomas Howard and I enjoy his sister Elisabeth Elliot's writing too. I would like to get insight on the types of things that led to such outstanding children of God.

Square Foot Gardening. I check this book out of our library so often, I really need to buy it! But I like to get inspiration around this time for the upcoming gardening season. This year I hope to start planting as early as possible to extend the season and learn more about companion planting.


Teaching Montessori in the Home. Another book I reread from time to time when I need inspiration. I have tried to incorporate Montessori's ideas into our home and this book has helpful ideas.

Now that Spring is almost here I will reread the sections on Nature Study in Charolotte Mason's Homeschooling Series:

and delve into this mammouth book for info and ideas!


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

You should join the Spring Reading Thing at Callapidder Days. It is always a lot of fun, and you've already done all the hard work of planning books!

Cheryl Smith said...

I have four books on my living room end table that I've not yet made time to read, as well as the two on my nightstand. So many books, so little time!

By the way, welcome to the High Calling Blogs network!

Amy said...

Thanks Emily. I didn't know about Callapidder Days, looks like a fun way to get motivated to read.
Cheryl, I love having stacks of books too. If I have enough variety there something for every mood! I've been in a reading lull lately so hoped the list would inspire me to get back into reading!

Amy said...

And hanks for the welcome, Cheryl!!!

Jessina said...

I read "Mudhouse Sabbath" a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed it! And I've seen "Acedia and Me" before, but I never knew what"acedia" meant...until you explained it the other night. :) Sounds like an interesting book!

And many thanks for lending me The Sacramental Life.

Amy said...

Your welcome Jessina. Look forward to hearing what you think!


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