Friday, March 12, 2010

Living in a Catholic Town

I've written before about why I love living in our little Catholic town but I realized yesterday how it helps with living the church year too!

We can ride our bikes for fresh pastries and breads to celebrate St. Joseph and St. Patrick:

Yummy St. Joseph's Cakes for the 19th

Irish Potatoes and Soda Bread for the 17th

Seriously Good

We can pick up Lenten Specials at the Italian Market:

 the photo didn't quite pick up the yellow sign which reads 
"Now in for Lent: Clams, Mussels, Flounder"

And stop for a little Holy Clutter on the way home:

There will also be 100s of people in procession behind a large wooden cross, many in full costume, down this main street on Good Friday!


Barb said...

Thanks for the reminder about St. Patrick and St. Joseph! I was just complaining to my husband this morning that I hadn't planned a meal for either Saints day, but of course, there's still time to figure something out. I found a local bakery last year that has St. Joseph's cakes. We can have those for dessert along with a seafood dinner. I'm not sure yet about St. Patrick's Day.

I love going to St. Jude's! Fortunately it's far enough away that I don't go there too often.

BTW, what time is the march on the 19th? We'll be visiting my mil in Ardmore and might be able to swing by and see it.

Barb said...

I just reread the post and realized that you meant Good Friday. We could still go to the procession, and maybe visit St. Jude's.

Amy said...

I'll talk to my friends who were a part of the procession last year to be sure of the date, times and route, I think they start at St. Denis on Eagle and end at Sacred Heart on Manoa. Last year it caught us by surprise as we were heading home from our Good Friday service. Perhaps because we were caught unaware, we were all really moved by it. So unique in a culture where department stores can't even use the word Christmas anymore.
St. Jude was just in the midst of customer appreciation when we stopped in the kind woman gave the two older kids each a coloring book of the stations of the cross and the baby a board book. It is such a great store.
I too haven't planned much for this upcoming week. The middle of March still seems like it should be a long way off :-)


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