Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week!

Hello! I wanted to pop in quickly to wish you a blessed Holy Week. I've decided to do an internet fast for the rest of the week to prepare my heart for Easter. I was also encouraged during Adult Sunday School yesterday to consider how I can walk a Sabbatical Pace and I've realized that many of the moments I could rest in my day, I hop on the computer. My goal is also to realize the effects that technology has in my life. I love blogging--it is good to walk with you all through the church year and I appreciate your comments and emails so I hope to return with fresh ideas and the proper balance next week. We'll see what God has in store.

Might I also ask for your prayers for our family this week? Our 5 yr old daughter is having a difficult time getting over her bronchitis and has what seems to be complete hearing loss in her left ear. This has really impacted her ability to hear at all and has been scary and frustrating for her. We are praying that there is no permanent damage and her hearing will return when the fluid clears and that this would be soon! She was so encouraged yesterday at church when she was prayed for so if you want to drop her line in the comments that you are praying for her, my husband will read them to her and I think it would bless her very much. Thank you!!!

I had hoped to write a series of posts on living Holy Week as a family, but I will just need to set up links.  year!

--Easter Planning. 
My goal this year is to get all shopping and cleaning done by Wednesday!

--Family Devotions during Holy Week:  We use this cross with felt pieces for devotionals this week that I received at a great discount from a friend; it also comes with Scripture Readings, explanations, and discussion questions. But Ann at Holy Experience also has beautiful printables and devotional series at her blog!

Next year I'd love to do this Easter Garden from Holy Experience

--Wednesday of Holy Week: A Tenebrae service at home: 

"A Tenebrae Service is a Medieval tradition during Holy Week; ‘tenebrae’ is Latin for shadows. The symbolism of the light being extinguished begins a more somber and meditative time leading up to Easter. It is very powerful in a church but I've found the intimacy of your own home is just as dramatic."

--Maundy Thursday in the Home: 

"The name is derived from the Latin novum mandatum, the new commandment that Christ gives us : "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another" (John 13:34).

And what a radical new way Christ brings. Christ takes the traditional passover rites and institutes a new way in the foot washing and the Lord's Supper.

Foot Washing has been a very moving observance for me both when we celebrated in the church and at home. When we celebrated at at home we followed the second--my husband washing all of our feet. I was always surprised that though they were babies when we started they always participated in silence and awe."

--Good Friday: The Way of the Cross

--An Easter Menu with recipes. We love the Italian Easter Meat Pie and Pepperoni Bread, especially after giving up meat for 40 days!

--Easter Season:
Practice Resurrection!and Story-Formed's list.
Celebrating Easter's 50 days as a family

For our Easter Journey we will be Celebrating the Easter Season with 50 activities for with Tomie de Paola's:

Garden of the Good Shepherd: A Sticker Album to Count the 50 Days. I bought my book from this site for $6 +shipping. It arrived quickly!! But Waltzing Matilda also has free printables for those who cannot order the sticker book in time!

All activities and recipes can be found at Shower of Roses Garden Party and Waltzing Matilda. She has plans for doing activities daily or for a once a week party!

I hope to be back next Monday to share ideas on how to live Easter Season for 50 days, not just one!!


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Barb said...

I hear you about the technology. I struggle with it more on the days when I feel overwhelmed. Very often I turn the computer off for the day and let scheduler at Blogger do my work for me.

I will be praying for your daughter and her ear. I hope she isn't in any pain.


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