Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Practice Resurrection

So what will you do to celebrate the resurrection for 50 days?

Here are some suggestions my husband put together with contributions from students in his Art and Culture class after they had just completed a study of Wendell Berry. Picking up on the idea Berry ends with in Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front of "Practice resurrection," RJ sent this to his students.

So I meant it, practice resurrection.
Bring the resurrected life to your household,
to where you are a member.
Is the sign on the campus entrance missing the 3 from 1300?
Volunteer to pay for it.
Does Walton need new furniture? Build some.
Does Walton need painting? Paint it.
Is your enemy alone? Love him.
Do you have a beloved? Spend too much money and make her too nice of a picnic. Play with a baby.
Meet your neighbor.
Ride a bike.
Make home-made ice cream.
Make bread.
Cancel cable.
Rent a canoe.
Learn the names of two species of trees on campus.
Go to Au Sable.
Contribute to Oxfam.
Save seeds.
Don't buy Cargill products.
Adopt a kitten.
Quit your job. Get a job.
Go to your room and study in silence.
Go out with friends and tell jokes.
Go to church.
Make land, make membership, make the great economy, make good work.
Of course, do all of these things in membership, in line with the integrity of the community.
So patiently, calmly, with the consensus of the whole community and its leadership.

Though your list may look very different, may your day be filled with the joy of the resurrected life...I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee, a slice of Easter cake, and listening to all 3 of my children play fort under the dining room table. I'm off to join them! Would love to hear your ideas!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!! You inspired me to write my own list (and a post on Story-Formed). May this Easter season be a blessed one, as you practice resurrection!!


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