Monday, June 8, 2009

Strawberry Picking: Linvilla Orchards

My parents, daughter G, and I picked just over 50lbs of strawberries at Linvilla Orchards! It was lovely. We got there early so we were on the first tractor out to the fields with just 2 other families and were done by the time the crowds started pouring in.

Getting ready to head out

The strawberries were so ripe and big, just begging to be picked!

Grandma giving picking lessons and maybe sneaking a sample

I was so proud of G who picked 3 quarts herself as she sang little songs to the berries as she picked. No complaints. Pure delight and pride in her work. Pretty good for a 4 yr old.

So what will we do with all these berries?

Well, tonight, too tired to do much else, we just enjoyed the goodness of fresh picked berries with homemade whipped cream!

And tomorrow we'll start the day with strawberry pancakes! And then have a work day to put up freezer jam, jelly, strawberry-lemonade concentrate, strawberry-rhubarb pie filling and perhaps strawberry syrup. Now I'm worried I didn't pick enough :-) We'll end the day with a shortcake or pie for dessert.

G and PopPop tired but happy!

I was impressed with how plentiful the fields were and how tasty the berries are. Just 15 minutes from our house, I look forward to going back for more picking as different fruits come into season. Linvilla was a bit overwhelming in the fall at their pumpkin festival but it was a nice quiet day today. Look forward to trying Highland Orchards too! Let me know if there are any others in the Delaware County area worth a visit for peaches, pears, raspberries and blueberries!


Amanda said...


Love your blog! This is my first time to comment, thought I read pretty often.

Would you share your recipe for strawberry-lemonade concentrate? Sounds like a great thing to have on hand. Alas, the strawberry season is just about over for us, but peaches are in! (N. MS) My 4 yo son was asking me if we were going to get some yesterday a.m., and then I reminded him it was Sunday. We will hit the Farmer's Mkt. on Wed!

Thank you for your Trinity Sunday post. My husband used it as his jumping-off point for his sermon on Sunday. It was a little more informal and instructive than ususal because our children were having their monthly children's chapel break. I think everyone enjoyed its style and its content. He hopes to post it on our website or FB page, and I'll send you a link once that's done.

So thank you for your insights and hard work as we, too, celebrate the church year with our family and our family within the Church.

God Bless!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting. It's such an encouragement to hear from readers and to know there are others celebrating the church year as a family!

Can't wait for peaches. I'll post the strawberry-lemonade recipe soon. I hope to make it tonight!

I look forward to reading more about your Sunday so hope you'll pop back with a link.


Mom said...

We had such fun picking strawberries and enjoying the farmer's market and the kids. I plan on giving some to friends too. The jam is delicious!! We are planning to stop by after Grandpop's Dr appt...Too early to call..6:15 am...hope to stop by around 10:30 or so...Love the blog!


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