Monday, February 15, 2010

Shrove Tuesday

The purpose: Preparation for Lent (as Shrove means "to confess") spending time in confession and prayer.

And, yes, it also has become a day of fun as people eat up the last of the things they'll be giving up for Lent which is why it's also known as Fat Tuesday! We use Shrove Tuesday to talk about the meaning of Lent and our families' practices that way we are able to begin the first day of Lent with our disciplines of the season. And Ash Wednesday can be a more somber day of prayer and reflection.

Tradtional Foods: Pancakes! These Banana Sour Cream Pancakes are delicious and give a special feel to our normal breakfast pancakes. We also have Orange Smoothies and an Egg Casserole. Here are all  my recipes for our Shrove Tuesday Feast!


  • Plant seeds in a flower pot to sprout by Easter, an easy symbol of new life for children to grasp.
  • Play a game to see who can remember the most 40s mentioned in the Bible and see which ones fit the rubric of fasting and feasting that we see in Lent to Easter. 
  • Discuss as a family what Lent means and why it is a practice of the church, particularly sharing with each other what God has done in past Lenten Seasons as a means of encouragement to begin the fast again but also so that our children may see our hearts rather than what some may believe is just a time of guilt and rules and restrictions.
  • Color a picture of the imposition of the ashes to  prepare the children for what will happen during the Ash Wednesday service. Also coloring a cross to hang in their room. I'm also trying to think of something to do to illustrate our theme this year of "an undivided heart."
  • Read the Scripture for Ash Wednesday so we may begin to meditate and receive of His Word.
  • We end by praying the Litany of Penitence.
To Keep a True Lent,

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