Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ordinary Time: A poem

We have now entered into the Church Season of Ordinary Time.

I thought a lovely way to begin, would be to start with a poem written by my husband, RJ published in the most recent edition of The North American Anglican.

Though "ordinary time" refers to ordinal or counted time, the play on words is thought-provoking in the poem. Unfortunately, I cannot get Blogger to quite display the proper spacing of the last lines of the poem which is frustrating, especially since I'm the one always talking about how form should mirror and shape meaning. But I hope you can still see the Minor Doxology (used in the early church from at least 529 AD) embedded in the last lines. I hope you enjoy it!

Ordinary Time

Ordinary time, the ordinary, not extraordinary;

green linen and Peter crucified.

We have seen the Father through the Son

and now a Comforter we need

as salve for the ordinary Acts

of the Apostles.

World without end,

it wasn't this way in

the beginning

but it

is now

and ever shall be,


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