Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick-Day 2!

Well, we had so much fun learning about St. Patrick our festivities are spilling over into today. I had put our St. Patrick books above the fireplace so everyday the kids would beg to hear the story, but had to wait until yesterday! So they really want to hear the stories again today. Our friends also lent a video that is a cartoon of Patrick's life. (They're watching right now so I'm having a rare quiet time with a cup of coffee.) We also didn't get to read St. Patrick's Breastplate at our party last night so we'll have to get to it today.

Our feast last night was so much fun. It was encouraging to share traditions with new friends and their children. I love how celebrating the church year brings the opportunity to discuss spiritual truths with our kids on a random Tuesday night! Some highlights:

1. We discussed the Trinity with the shamrock plant and the clovers we colored and I could really see the 4 year old girls working through the concept.

2. My 2 yr old was enthralled with the story of a hero. When we read about the Irish pirates looting and then kidnapping Patrick, he jumped down and acted it out. The Tompert book really brought the story to life and expressed Patrick's conversion and reliance on God so well.

3. Later G. asked, "How could Patrick do all good and never sin?" Not quite sure why she would have thought this. This led to a discussion of how "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God" and Patrick though a godly man was fallen just like us. She then compared him to Jesus who was "all good."

Well, my free time is at an end. Hope you have a good day!

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