Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sfinge di San Giuseppe

Here are the delicious pastries, Sfinge di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph cream puffs or cake), from La Dolce on Eagle Road in Havertown. They were so good! The one was filled with a vanilla cream and the other a sweetened ricotta with chocolate chips. My children will now always look forward to St. Joseph's day and I may never bother to attempt the recipe myself!

We enjoyed a sweet time together. I ignored the laundry, dirty dishes, and tried to be present to the children. We colored and snacked and read Scripture and stories together. So much better then normal household duties anyway--as long as no one comes to the door to see the mess!

As I thought about Joseph today, I wondered if I was willing to be like him--quiet, behind the scenes. After the initial story we seem to lose track of him altogether. Before looking at the artwork of Joseph, G. asked why did Joseph never hold Jesus! I assured her he did, but I wondered would it be enough for me to hold Jesus without being in the pictures? How do I seek my own glory instead of pointing to Christ? How am I not satisfied with the quiet work of my hands--diapering, cooking, cleaning, feeding--like the carpenter but long for the days when I will be back doing "important" work? Work that brings recognition, money, and flexibility. Joseph is an important part of Christ's story here on earth. Scripture includes very specific details of his role, but the story is not about him. Am I willing for my story to be Christ's story?

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