Saturday, March 21, 2009

A fun find-Feasts for feast days

I had a great find at our church's book sale this past week. For just $1 I picked up Feasts for Feast Days by Virginia Richardson published by The Episcopalian here in Philly in 1985.

It includes menus and recipes for all the major feast days and a short biography of the saint or Holy Day. Though some of the recipes are not quite our eating style, they are a great place to start as she chooses recipes that are either traditional to the feast, or related to the saints country of origin or to a legend surrounding the saint.


Anonymous said...

I too found a copy of this unique cookbook and have had a wonderful time trying to keep feasts days by preparing some if not always all of the dishes. I came across your blog in an attempt to find more copies to distribute to my fellow congrgants for Christmas. We are a small(about 35) Episcopalian congregation in Micanopy, Florida. God Bless.

Amy said...

I have enjoyed using the book too! Another book on my wish list for feasting on feast days is
A Continual Feast by Evelyn Vitz.

Thanks for writing it is always great to hear from others around the country and world who follow the church year!


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