Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why we teach our children the liturgy

"Some might protest that this...making of wreaths, baking of cakes, crowning of kings, dressing of dolls, cutting, pasting, sewing, planting; that this is not prayer of any depth and certainly not the liturgy of the Church. No, but for people who are learning what the liturgy is, and how to follow the prayer of the Church, who are making their first attempt really to pray it, this is the way to learn. We learn to swim in the shallow water before we are able to swim in the deep. These delightful things to see and touch and smell and taste and hear and make and do are by far the best tools there are to teach the beauty and power of God, and the richness of life in Christ. We provide the natural settings, teach the words, give the ideas, draw the analogies, read the stories, sing the songs, tell the tales, warm all this with our love--and God makes the increase. We are not trying to do His part of the job, only our own--which is to prepare the hearts and minds of our families so that they will respond to Him. If they love the approaches to the knowledge of His love and grace, they will more easily be led to the fountains of love and grace."

Mary Reed Newland, The Year and Our Children

M. dressed as a Wise Man eating his Three Kings Cake,

Epiphany 2007

The Wise Kings journey to the manger!

G. always dressed as Mary with her Baby Jesus

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