Monday, February 9, 2009

A Valentine Memory

13 years ago my husband and I spent our first Valentine's Day together. It was our Sophomore year and we were "just friends," silly teenagers, really, but we didn't know that then! He met me at my dorm and kindly brought me a rose. I thought the token was more because he was a gentleman and felt pity that I didn't have a real date.

From there we headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a hike through the woods. Our path was a snowy road that had been closed due to the conditions. I no longer remember what we talked about, just that we were comfortable with each other. He would want me to point out how often I "slipped" on the snow, making it a "necessity" for us to walk arm in arm. Sometimes we would talk and talk. He shared the bones of his dreams and plans. I was as amused then to hear him expound passionately as I am now.

But what I really liked were the times we were quiet. We fell into a rhythm together, walking, talking, quiet, enjoying being together in the beauty of the woods and snow. We still do.

Hiking and building our own lean-to, 1995!

Newly married, hiking with our dog, Frodo!

But our days in the woods are quite different now: Baby in front pack, son alternating between the backpack and poking things with a stick, daughter exploring and noticing the small things even we don't. Some would hardly call it a hike. But really what we started then is the same now. We are creating and preserving our own little world, one of discovery, beauty and peace. Splendor in the ordinary.

Hiking with our first in 2005

Then there were four of us, 2006!

Nature walk in the Blue Ridge Summer 2007

May of 2008 at Petrifying Springs Park, WI

Nature walk with the girls, just a few weeks after baby C. was born

A few weeks ago, hiking around with son at Valley Forge National Park
Thus, our Valentine's days are quite different. Fancy restaurants, flowers and chocolates, a rarity. But now we have "the flesh on the bones of our dreams."

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jennifer said...

What a lovely walk down memory lane. I love it!


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