Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Decorating for the Home for Lent

I had a friend recently ask how we moved from Epiphany to Lent in our home, so I thought I'd share with pictures:

As you enter our house, we change from a mantle decorated with the joyous light of Epiphany:

to the Bright Sadness of Lent:

We move from feasting on Fat Tuesday:

to fasting. Pretzels are a traditional Lenten bread dating back to the 5th century (Photo and recipe from Catholic Cuisine. ):

We move from celebration:

to contemplation:

We seek more time to pray at our Peace chair:


With visual reminders around the house of this season is about:


The side board in the dining room also serves as a place for prayer:

We bury the Alleluia so that we proclaim it ever more joyously at Easter:

G decided she wanted to cover it in crosses (for more on this custom visit here and for the banner I'm making for Easter visit here):

And with ashes placed upon our forehead we are told "Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return."


And then, we wait expectantly for Resurrection:


Allie said...

Thanks for posting this Amy! I am going to show Olivia the kids with their ashes tomorrow. She got very upset when I started to explain the dust to dust quote after they put the ashes on her forehead. And so we had to go out of the service to talk about it. During the course of the conversation she decided that she wanted to except Jesus as her Savior and so she and I prayed right in the lobby of the church. We are so thankful that we went to the service tonight because it was the first time that we had been able to get to church since Christmas Eve due to travel, illness and snow. And after we prayed she really wanted to go back in the service to "pray and sing", so it was an awesome spiritual night for our family.

Jennnifer said...

love the pretzels. did you make them? what is the significance. Neat the kids got ashes. we are all dust...

Amy said...

How amazing Allie! All of heaven rejoices!! The service and the imposition of the ashes is so powerful and how wonderful that you were lead to share with her in a way that brought her to God. I think it's so cool that she will always be able to remember the prayer since it is on a day we observe every year and it's a day we continue to repent and dedicate our lives to him. Praise be to God!

I could not find any of our own pictures of pretzels we made so I linked to the one from Catholic Culture. M and I are going to try to make some today and I'll try to take pics and post about the tradition! But here's more for now:

Tara Malouf said...

Wonderful Amy!! I love the pictures and you've given me new ideas!! Thank you!

Amy said...

Great Tara! I'll be looking forward to hearing more on your blog!

Thanks again Allie for sharing.


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