Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Candlemas Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our celebration of the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

Preparing the Dinner


G rinsed the fruit and cut the strawberries

M gathered ingredients and helped with the mixing.

Making the Fruit Kabobs. She washed and cut the melon balls all by herself.

Grandma Gigi and Little C having some (keeping baby out-from-under-foot-time) bonding time
so we can work!

Our Feast



The Coloring Pages for Little Ones who Feast Quickly!

Becoming a Story-Formed People

 Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus on their way to the Temple

Little Sister was the Turtledove!

Devout Simeon

I was Anna but no one ever takes pictures of me!!
Hope you enjoyed a better glimpse into a home seeking splendor on an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night in February.


susan s said...

how fun! time to teach the oldest how to take pictures? :)

Amy said...

or my hubby--hint, hint, hint!

MomCO3 said...

Thanks for your blog! Happy year!
I never responded about the floor-- but I use Bona cleaner (wasn't it you who asked that?) If it wasn't you, disregard!! =)

inthewondertime said...

Dear hubby, Please take a photo of your beautiful wife, especially if she is wearing coloured trash bags and posing as Anna. We want a glimpse of lovely Amy (no matter what her wardrobe preference/ imaginative flare)! ~alison

Jennifer said...

Great pics...everyone had a part to play...I think the dad needs a bathrobe instead of a scarf!

The food looks beautiful! Great job!

Jessica said...

You guys are so cute!

Amy said...

Thanks!! Though I'm pretty sure DH was just saving me from myself in not taking my picture :-)

inthewondertime said...

So sorry Amy!, I thought these were coloured garbage bags you are donning, but now understand that you were all wearing scarves... never-the-less, your creativity shines bright, bright, bright! ~alison

livingpalm said...

just wonderful!

Amy said...

Alison those are playsilks but I knew what you meant! The kids love them and play with them everyday. G dances with them, C loves to just sit and play with them and they're the best for dress up. Red--little red riding hood; brown--Saint George; Green--a dragon. I like how much imagination they use, rather than needing to put on the exact dress of Cinderella in order to play princess.
But I need a better way to store them b/c they are starting to wrinkle and look more like trash bags!!!


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