Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

This rainy Monday began with us all feeling out of sorts. In our house it is rare that we all are tired and grumpy on the same day for no reason at all.

Usually if it is a rainy day and the children are blue, I come up with fun activities to keep us all going: baking a special treat, a new craft, bikes in the basement, a fort, or a tea party. Or if I'm the one having difficulty, we can just keep on, keepin' on. It may not be the most magnificent day of mothering and teaching, but we stay disciplined and still accomplish more than I would've imagined.

Today was neither of those days. Everything I tried didn't break the cycle of whining and fatigue through morning devotions, penmanship and coloring time. Even playing fort with sheets and blankets turned out poorly.

Until I sat us all down for a bowl of chocolate pudding as I read aloud the wonderful edition of Peter Pan by JM Barrie, illustrated by Michael Hague.

If I'd pause they'd beg for more and so I just read and read and read. The first chapter and the vocabulary are a bit difficult, but they were captivated. Finally we all began to feel better. We then turned to our favorite classical music. As I worked in the kitchen, they swirled as snowflakes to the Pas de Deux from the Nutrcracker, ice skated to a Strauss waltz, were falling leaves to Bizet, and danced to Vivaldi's Spring. Before long, it was time for a warm bowl of soup.

Sometimes the ordinary doesn't feel quite so splendid but hopefully it doesn't have to stay that way for long.

So what do you do to bring a little cheer for dreary days?

For more ideas on beating winter burnout, check out the Loveliness Fair at Amongst Lovely Things; you'll be encouraged by these wise and fun ways to short-circuit winter burnout.

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