Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for New Church Year Calendars!

The New Church Year is about to begin so pick up your calendars soon!

I find having a printed calendar is the easiest way to always know what season we are in, the color of the day and when the next feast day is!

I have always loved the Ordo kalendar ($2) from my days of working in the Altar Guild with Sister Mary Paula at St. Mark's Episcopal back in Milwaukee. It has the Lectionary readings on the back and each day is marked with the color and feast day.

But this calendar is the one I use to know the Scripture readings, collect, and even Canticles for each office of morning and evening prayer, as well as for the Lectionary readings too.($12)

But for those looking for a calendar with beautiful images to fit the season and just interested in knowing the major seasons of the church year, you must check out The Story-Formed Calendar. It's lovely!

Of course, you can always use calendars online for free:

Here is a calendar for the daily office readings from the Mission of  St. Clare. The entire office of prayers, songs, and Scripture is put together for you in one place.

And here is a calendar for the Lectionary Readings with Collects from Lectionary Page.

Any other helpful resources, link below!!

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