Friday, June 26, 2009

Upon the Occasion of our 10th Anniversary

To My Love Upon the Occasion of our 10th Anniversary:

Swearing our marriage would endure down the years with fortitude for pain and faith for tears, we knew then only a hint of what love was and what our path would be. But the splendour is still upon us, high and pure...Thank you for enveloping me in your love and protection and care. There is no place I'd rather be than within the shining barrier with you and our olive shoots until His Kingdom come. Happy 10th Anniversary. I am so sorry we cannot be together today.

The Shining Barrier

This present glory, love, once-given grace,
The sum of blessing in a sure embrace,
Must not in creeping separateness decline
But be the centre of our whole design.

We know it’s love that keeps a love secure,
And only by love of love can love endure,
For self’s a killer, reckless of the cost,
And loves of lilactime unloved are lost.

We build our altar, then, to love and keep
The holy flame alight and never sleep:
This darling love shall deepen year by year,
And dearer shall we grow who are so dear.

The magic word is sharing: every stream
Of beauty, every faith and grief and dream;
Go hand in hand in gay companionship -
In sober death no sundering of the grip.

And into love all other loveliness
That we can tease from time we shall impress
Slows dawns and lilacs, traceries of the tress,
The spring and poems, stars and ancient seas.

This splendour is upon us, high and pure
As heaven: and we swear it shall endure:
Swear fortitude for pain and faith for tears
To hold our shining barrier down the years.

by the VanAukens from A Severe Mercy. The book that captured our imagination for what our love could be.

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Kerry said...

Belated Happy Anniversary!

Your blog has been quite lately. I hope that is due to a wonderfully-spent summer.

Mine has been derailed by such a summer, too. :)


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