Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vertical Frames-Growing more in less space.

Another idea I love about our raised square foot beds is that we can grow more in less space by growing up rather than out using Vertical Frames. The Square Foot Gardening Book says that this trellis will even hold heavy plants like watermelon, pumpkins and winter squash! You can grow 9 pea plants or 2 cucumbers or 1 tomato plant in a 1' square. Plus don't you think the kids will love seeing big vegetables growing above their heads!

Since we finally got our Vertical Frames put up today and I've had a few questions about them, I thought I'd post pictures.

What you need from the Hardware Store:
2-1/2" Rebar-2' long ($1.38 each)
2-1/2" steel electrical conduit 10' long ($1.97 each)
2-1/2" pull elbow connectors 90 degree angle ($4.61 each; there were cheaper ones but these were easiest to use with screws attached)
Nylon Garden Netting- ($3.97 each-2 bags will do 3 beds)

Pipe Cutter

Hammer Rebar about 1 foot into the ground outside your vegetable box.

With pipe cutter, cut electrical conduit into 2-5 feet sections.

Place electrical conduit over rebar.

With pipe cutter, cut electrical conduit 4-feet (or however long your bed is). Attach Elbows to 4 foot post and then to the vertical 5-foot posts.

Cut Nylon Trellis and tie to the top and sides of the pipe. Work growing vines through the trellis.

Unfortunately, the baby woke up before I was able to get a picture of the finished product. But really, it was so quick and easy--even a philosophy professor did it (with a little instruction from his wife!).

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MomCO3 said...

We use SFGs, too! This year I'm growing whatever the kids picked, and hope that that flowers like the vertical supports as much as my tomatoes and ucumbers did last year!


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