Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Preparation-Indoors!

Recently I've been trying to follow the seasonal planning recommendations of Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight. I am always inspired by her Themes and Plans for each month.

So I thought I would try to create my own lists for this summer. You'll see that much is taken directly from her but organized in a way that best suits us. Some of her preparation is different since she lives in a different climate and I'm way behind her schedule :-)

Most of these things I do accomplish each year but I've never put it all together into one checklist and I've rarely planned ahead. Which is a little rough when you're hit with 98 degree weather in April and have no fans or light
PJs for the kids! Once everything was put together on one list, I was also so encouraged by how much it actually takes to keep a house running smoothly. No wonder I go to bed tired!

So here is what I hope to accomplish each Spring "Indoors" to get ready for Summer:
  • Launder winter bedding; switch over to spring bedding
  • Get out lighter PJs and summer clothes; launder and put away winter clothes
  • Organize rainy day play gear.
  • Put away hats/gloves box and set up sunscreen, summer hats and bug spray station
  • Shampoo or hang out rugs.
  • Take down storm windows; hang screens.
  • Re-stock craft supplies for the spring.
  • Plan summer vacation-VBS, travel, day camps, weekend hikes, camping trip, guest visits, play groups
  • Finish spring cleaning-Vacuum/Dust those hard to reach places (behind radiators, crown molding, under beds, and fans before we turn them on)
  • Get out window air-conditioners
  • Get out Summer linens for kitchen, dining, bathroom
  • Put together a Spring Book Basket for the kids
  • De-clutter Mud Room and Coat Rack

What do you do "Indoors" to get ready for warmer weather? Anything I should add to the list?

Tomorrow, I'll post on "Summer Preparation-Outdoors"! Thanks so much, Dawn, for all your help.

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