Monday, June 1, 2009

Make-do Monday!

So I've written lots of posts on how much I love our garden. One thing I haven't written about is the temptations I have to buy the accouterments of gardening!

It seems so romantic to garden with a lovely new sun hat, to work with Wellington garden boots on, to use a hand-forged dutch potting trowel when planting a new crop of seeds, to water with a Haws 19th century design watering can, and finally to gather my harvest with this marvelous Maine Garden Hod.

It's an item of reveals humanity's gift of engineering and holds the vegetables and not the soil...the vegetables and herbs would taste better...I would look adorable gathering my lettuces with it...And have you ever tried to pick your produce without a basket? It's a pain.

But is it $42.50 necessary? No! Is one of the main goals of the garden to save money? Yes!

How do I make do? I found this basket in the trash at a church on the corner after their last Attic Treasure sale. Wasn't sure how I'd use it then, but now I realized it's just the right size. It has just the right weight. I might not look quite as adorable but who's watching anyway!

This post has been inspired by Ann Kroeker's Make-do Monday Series. She writes:

At Make-Do Mondays, we discuss how we’re simplifying, downsizing, repurposing, buying used, and using what we’ve got.

It’s a carnival celebrating creative problem-solving, contentment, patience and ingenuity. To participate, share your own make-do solution in the comments or write up a Make-Do Mondays post at your blog, then return here to link via Mr. Linky. Enjoy others’ ideas by clicking on Mr. Linky and then clicking on people’s names.

How do you make do?


Mom said...

The radishes look yummy! Yes we can live without so much that we think we need. Choose things that really satisfy like friends and quality time.

Remember when you gave me pennies to thank me for playing "tea time" with you! You were about 4 or 5 ....

MomCO3 said...

I crave that same garden hod... and in the same spirit, use a basket. Blessings!

Allie said...

I have serious problems with gardening accoutrement AND I don't garden (yet)! I love looking at catalogs like High Country Gardens and I want all of the things to garden with, I dream of beautiful flowers to pick and berries and veggies and shrubs that have beautiful berries in the winter, let's just say I THINK about it a little too much, especially if I have a catalog to daydream with. I will have to come back to your post when I actually have a garden! LOL!

Amy said...

It probably shouldn't be encouraging to know there are others with similar vices!!!!!!! But glad to know anyway--LOL!!!!

Allie, you must be so excited about getting closer to that day you'll be able to garden. You must be planning already!


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