Monday, March 30, 2009

Pre-Holy Week Spring Cleaning

The Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following Palm Sunday are a traditional time of cleaning.
"Just as the house is cleaned during Advent in preparation for Christmas, and just as Shrovetide is spent cleaning in preparation for Lent, these days are spent in preparation of the greatest Feast of the Church year: the Feast of Easter. By Wednesday night, the house should be spotless so that the days of the Sacred Triduum (Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) can be devoted to Christ's Passion."

It makes sense, doesn't it?

1. Spring is here and we can finally open windows to air things out.

2. Cleaning is a task that you can spend in prayer and quiet to prepare for the somber days ahead.

4. For those of you who hate cleaning, the hard work pales in light of Christ's suffering!

5. The house is ready for guest and celebration on Sunday.

6. A fitting metaphor for the work of the cross and the resurrection: all things are made new!

My goals for cleaning (that to truly accomplish I will need to start now):

1. Thorough dusting/vacuuming-under beds and furniture, behind radiators, crown molding, books in book cases, chandelier, lamp shades.

2. Windows and Blinds. (Since we've only been in this house less than a year, I'm not even thinking about the curtains!)

3. Refrigerator, oven, pantry. Ready for major feast cooking and guests!

4. Go through winter clothing and get out spring clothes. Decide what needs to be donated, bought, packed away.

5. Prep Easter outfits, tights, shoes, jackets. Prep Easter baskets. Prep Easter decorations to come out after Easter Vigil.

6. Flip mattresses, change winter comforters to spring/summer quilts.

7. The attic-we've just moved here this past July and the attic has never been organized; it's more like a dumping ground for anything that doesn't have a home. I hesitate to even add it to my list! I hesitate to even go up there most days!

8. Polish silver and check china for Sunday.

9. Linen closet/medicine cabinet de-cluttered.

10. Keep up with all normal tidying, laundry, dishes, diapering, feeding...

What am I forgetting? Do you try to do your Spring Cleaning in one major day/weekend? What should I add to the list?

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