Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tuesday Review: Sacramental Life

Using Liturgy for Spirtual Direction and Formation

"Liturgy teach[es] us what to desire and what to seek from the Lord, both trimming away what is self-serving and opening our minds and hearts to the full range of what God desires to work for us, in us and through us. They form in us the habits of the most significant spiritual disciplines valued by Christian disciples through the centuries--adoration, prayer, self-examination and confession, as well as listening to and being shaped by Scripture. By means of these disciplines, we draw closer to God and grow more attuned to the mind of Christ." (DeSilva, p. 12)

I've been slowly reading through the Sacramental Life: Spiritual Formation Through the Book of Common Prayer by David A. DeSilva, a gift from the wise men on Epiphany! (My husband really, not sure if he counts yet as a wise man or not.) It starts with an introduction to the liturgical life and the BCP. It then is divided into Four Parts: Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Christian Marriage, and Christian Burial with a discussions on how the BCP guides us to think about the topic. I like that each chapter is only 2 pages--enough to digest in one sitting (though it seems with little ones it can be hard to even have time in the bathroom without interruption!). Each chapter ends with a suggestion on "Putting it into Practice," a way for the truth of Scripture to form your life.

I've enjoyed it so far, I hope I'll share more as I go!

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