Thursday, February 5, 2009

Resource for introducing kids to liturgy

Come Worship with Me: A Journey through the Church Year

This series of Mouse Books by Ruth Boling is so sweet! It's an easy way to introduce children to the the order for worship, the church year, symbols of the church, and holy days.

When the kids have been to sick for Sunday school but not to sick to stay home, I've thrown these books into baby bag to keep them quiet! I love that they can read about it and watch it happen at the same time.

Reviews from Amazon:

"...attractive to adults and kids visually... [Boling]writes with a passion and is enthusiastic about worship." (quoting Rev. Karen Stanley) -- The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, VA, May 5, 2001, Ann Efimetz

"...of great worth to children's hearts, minds, and spiritual lives... fills a void that has been empty..." -- Assoc. of Logos Bookstores Children's Notes, Nov/Dec. 2000, Maureen Cole, reviewer

"Boling [addresses]subjects as abstract as the Trinity... and as commercialized as Christmas without lapsing into the sanctimonious..." -- The Concord Monitor, December 10, 2000, Rebecca Rule, Reviewer

"Boling's spare, lyrical writing conveys the sacred aspects of the Christian service in concrete ways..." -- The Sunday Telegraph, Nashua, NH, November 19, 2000, Ellen Grimm

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

We were given this book about a year ago and we LOVE it! I particularly like how the sections are "bite sized" for short attention spans.


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